Thank you!

On behalf of the Organizing Committees, we sincerely thank you for participating at the International Conference on Plasmas with Liquids (ICPL 2017) held in Prague, Czech Republic from March 5 to 9, 2017. The event was organized by the Institute of Plasma Physics of the CAS as the final meeting of the COST Action TD1208 “Electrical Discharges with Liquids for Future Applications”.

ICPL2017 photo

The program of the conference was led by the nine invited talks in nine scientific sessions and poster-viewing session covering a diverse range of topics related with discharges in liquid phase, gas discharges interaction with liquids, basic processes and numeric modeling, applications in water treatment, biomedical applications, applications in agriculture, nanoscience and surface treatment and applications in organic chemistry. We truly appreciate all of you for your devoted contribution to this international, highly scientific, and multidisciplinary community, and yet with very friendly and open atmosphere. The 106 scientific contributions was presented at the conference and more than 130 researchers from the 32 countries from all over the world attended the conference. This demonstrates the continuing international interest in R&D of Discharges with Liquids and we are strongly hoping that attending the ICPL 2017 was useful for your research and gave you the opportunity for discussions of the latest advances and perspectives in the field of electrical discharges with liquids and their applications.

Thank you very much again and we hope you enjoyed the city of Prague and the social aspects of the conference, as well as the scientific program. Finally, we would like to thank the COST office, for the financial support given us this excellent opportunity for exchanging knowledge and building scientific bridges among countries.

Petr Lukeš
Chair of ICPL 2017

František Krčma
Chair of COST TD1208